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Life is a complicated path to navigate. We understand sometimes guidance and a helping hand is all that is needed. Shastri Nityananda (Nitesh Bhai) is a well-renowned Bhagwat Kathakar who believes in reciting Katha for achieving comprehensive knowledge, helping you to find the meaning of life and its true purpose. He delights in welcoming all those who require him to perform Pujas. His brother Shastri Sagarbhai is an experienced astrologer with years of experience behind him. This is why he is known as the leading Indian astrologer and Kathakar in UK.

Astrology has a direct connection within Hinduism. The Indian astrology system is unique and wholly different from the system followed by western astrologers. It is a science which enables an individual to embrace it as a third eye. It has been known that individuals have challenged the very existence of astrology, but its importance has been proven over time. We are now living in an era which is dominated by technology and cultural invasion around the world. Astrology still enjoys its special place in the heart of a majority of Indians. Please browse our website for services we offer and how we can help you.

We can help you solve your problems. With the changing world relationships are changing at an equal pace. Sometimes this fast paced lifestyle creates problems in our relationships. In such situations, we can assist to develop the affection and adoration of the person whom you love. We will help you bring back your lost love, gain confidence with each other, help to build powerful relationships and protect you from negativity.

If you want us to perform Pujas in the comfort of your own surroundings, then you need not send anyone. Simply inform us of your address and we will reach out to you in person. You are welcome to seek consultation by using means of communication such as email, phone or speaking in person, whichever is convenient for you. Feel free to contact us for more information or to ask any questions.